Mike and Renée cruise
For Our Fiftieth Anniversary
June 2017

In June 2017 we cruised on Ruby Princess to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary in Glacier Bay!

Alaska is one of our very favorite cruise destinations and the Ruby Princess is a beautiful ship. We sailed out of Seattle with nice weather and enjoyed the first day at sea.
We spent most of the cruise enjoying the ship. The beautiful atrium was the setting for many activities. I enjoyed the vegetable carving for the exquisite skill of the chefs.
In Skagway the mushers brought the sled dogs on board to visit. They gave a very good talk and demonstration of the art and science of dogsledding.
Renée loved cuddling with the puppies, just like all the other kids aboard.
The mobility scooters were very useful on board the ship and everybody was very helpful to us.
To our delight, one of our favorite entertainers came aboard. Steve Hite is one of Alaska's traditions. He says, “I sing songs honoring squaws, railroads, miners and lumberjacks. Nothing politically correct about me. We were able to have a nice chat with him, and he favored us with a little private performance of “Squaws in the Yukon.” We were honored by his attentions.
He graciously posed for a selfie for us. Not only is he a great entertainer, he is a very nice and polite man. He mentioned our Anniversary during his show.
Both of Renée's nieces, Jeniffer and Elizabeth, participated in the Runway at Sea Fashion Show. We were all proud of them, but especially Mom and Dad, Scott and Dolores.

THEN the BIG DAY! We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in one of the world's most magnificent spots: GLACIER BAY!

Fifty years of happy marriage are a thing to celebrate. In front of the glaciers we recalled our many memories of a lifetime together.

What a pleasure it was to share our happiness on this occasion with so many of our family and friends!
That night we celebrated with a magnificent dinner in the Crown Grill. It has been a longtime dream of ours to be in Glacier Bay on our 50th Anniversary. It has been a great marriage and this great cruise was a fitting celebration.

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