The Baby and the Bulldogs
This page attempts to answer the common question
"Do bulldogs get along with children?"
Our first bulldog was about 3 years old when our
daughter was born.  Here are the results:


Andréa was born April 27, 1973, and our Candy was waiting at home to greet her.  She watched over the baby from the first minute and no one could hold the baby without Candy's supervision! By her first Christmas in 1973 Andréa was crawling just at bulldog level.  She was more interested in the doggy toy than in her own Christmas presents!
On her first birthday in April 1974 Andréa and Candy shared a blanket in the back yard. In March of 1975 when Andréa was almost 2 years old, Sam came to join the family.  Housebreaking two at once kept us busy!!
How is a girl supposed to get any privacy around here?  April 1975 September of 1975.  Andréa and Candy enjoy the summer in the back yard.
Do you think Santa has anything in that bag for a bulldog?  Christmas 1975. April of 1976 and Andréa is three years old.  Only those who have tried it will ever know how long it took to get all three of them to hold still!!
Candy thinks there might be something on that plate for her, but Andréa is oblivious.  March of 1977 Easter of 1978 and Andréa is five years old.  Of course she needed help filling her Easter basket.  Did Candy smell that old bunny?
A loving moment in February of 1979. Andréa's sixth birthday party in 1979 was attended by all her best friends, so could Candy be left out?
In September of 1979 Andréa is learning how to prepare Silver for the show ring! By 1981 the family had been joined (almost on the same day) by Zoom the bully and Jane the cat.  Andréa is eight years old and Mommy is proud!
In 1982 we acquired Jeannie.  At the age of nine Andréa is an old pro at raising bulldog pups! Zoom began winning in the show ring in 1982 and Andréa was usually there to root him on!
Zoom & Jeannie's litter was born in 1985 when Andréa was 12.  She was a wonderful puppy tender and took care of them from the time they were born. Three bulldogs and one 12 year old pretty well fill up a couch.  The pup we kept was Zoom Jr. known as ZJ, and he soon chewed up that couch!
In 1986 Andréa and Jeannie joined forces in the show ring to win in Junior Showmanship.  Parents were proud! In 1987 Andréa graduated from Junior High School, and all three bulldogs were eager to congratulate her.
After that, she was no longer a baby, but we still have the bulldogs!  Andréa went on to graduate as valedictorian of her High School class, a National Merit Scholar at Swarthmore College, and a Master's degree with a perfect 4.0 at Drexel University.  You can see more of her at  Andréa's Proud Parent's Page .
Zoom and Jeannie's son ZJ went on to a good show career and in his turn sired our current bulldog, Fuzz.  You can learn more about her and us at  The Hall's Bulldog Page.

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