In May 1999 we took a bus tour of Europe with Globus Travel. It was a high intensity trip with lots of sight-seeing. We saw eight countries in thirteen days! Here are some of our favorite pictures:

 We saw the Castles of the Rhine. There are a lot of them! We cruised the Rhine River. It was bank-full and almost overflowing. Here are Renée and our new friend Laura.

 Here we are in the beautiful Tyrolean Alps. The scenery throughout Europe was breath-taking.  Our Tour Director, Hanni, was a font of information. Here she is describing the castle of Heidelberg. We loved her!!
 A wonderful Italian named Luigi was our driver. He and Renée hit it off right away! The Rheinfalls are an awe-inspiring sight. This is through the window of our restaurant.
Another great view of the Alps. The bus made frequent photo (and potty) stops. Then we arrived in Venice. Even the pigeons in St. Mark's Square didn't bother Renée too much!
 One of the absolute high points of the trip was the gondola serenade on the canals of Venice! ROMA! Renée returned to the days of the Senators and the Centurions at the Collusseum.
 St. Peter's square is one of the things you must see on any trip to Europe. We also saw the newly-restored Sistine Chapel. Our Tour Group had a special dinner at a Roman restaurant. The waiter Umberto and his cohort Roberto kept all the girls in stitches!!
The Leaning Tower of Pisa. What else can I say?? Renée overlooks the wonderful city of Florence with its magnificent Italian Gothic cathedral.
 Mike finally got his pizza in Florence!! Then we drove along the Italian Riviera to Nice, passing by Monaco on the way.
 Unfortunately, our camera malfunctioned at this point so we missed some pictures.  We visited the bridge at Avignon and saw a mime performing with trained cats!
In Paris we were caught on the deck of the Eiffel Tower in a great thunder and hail storm! We toured the palace of the Sun King at Versailles and were suitably impressed.

Here is our group picture. It was a great trip, and we especially want to thank Tour Director Hanni, Driver Luigi, and Globus Travel for making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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