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The Baby and the Bulldogs   The Baby and The Bulldogs

Andr™a Graduates   Pictures of our daughter Andréa

Renaissance Faires      Our visits to Renaissance Faires

Renee fences      Renee learned to fence at the Dickens Christmas Faire

Early Days of Cruising             Cruising in the 70's

European Trip      Our Trip To Europe

Alaska       Our Cruise to Alaska

On Safari  Our Safari To Kenya

South Africa          Our Cruise to South Africa

In the Amazon Rain Forest    Our Cruise on the Amazon River

The Captain of the Radiance     Our Cruise to the Pacific Northwest

Australia?New Zealand             Our Cruise to Australia and New Zealand.

New Orleans             Our vacation in New Orleans.

Iceland             Our vacation in Iceland.

Scotland             Our cruise around the British Isles.

Mardi Gras             Our cruise to Mardi Gras.

Half Moon Cay             Our cruise to the Eastern Caribbean for Mike's birthday.

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