SEPTEMBER 2001 and MAY 2002
Some of these pictures were taken on each one of the trips.
Radiance of the Seas
Radiance of the Seas is a beautiful ship holding 2100 passengers.  Renée and Andréa are standing in front of her.
Immediately upon boarding of course we headed for the buffet.  This is only a small part of the lavish and beautiful Windjammer Buffet.
Thermal suite
We loved the Thermal Suite in the spa. Heated couches in a warm room lead to the sauna, steam room, and aroma room, and then into the tropical shower and icy drench.
Our first stop was Vancouver BC.
Vancouver Park
Climbing the Wall
Our city tour of Vancouver took us to many beautiful parks with views of the sound.
Back aboard the ship, Renée actually made it up the rock climbing wall. She had quite a gallery cheering her on! Guess who stayed on the deck and took the pictures?
The Solarium
Relaxing in the Solarium
The Solarium on Radiance is considerably more stunning than the typical covered pool!
Relaxing among the plants is a good way to decide whether you want pizza or brownies from the restaurant in the corner!
The Solarium Pool
Larkness MonsTour
Here Renée is testing the water in the solarium pool with its beautiful decorations.
In Victoria we took the Larkness MonsTour on board a converted Vietnam LARC (Landing and Rescue Craft).
Empress from the harbor
The Empress Hotel
When the LARC splashed into the harbor, we had a great tour including this view of the Empress Hotel.
The Empress is a landmark in Victoria and has been patronized by the Queen.
Tea at the Empress
The Model T
Every visitor to Victoria must try the High Tea in the lobby of the Empress Hotel.
In May we toured Victoria in this lovely 1926 Model T convertible from Classic Car Tours.
Pontiac convertible
The Captain
We switched from the Model T to this classic 1965 Pontiac convertible to cover the scenic Marine Drive.
The Radiance of the Seas is a wonderful ship and we salute her and her Captain!

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